World Ovarian Cancer Day

Posted: 8th May 2015

World Ovarian Cancer day 8th May 2015

cancer day 8th may

In the UK, around 7,100 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year

Ovarian cancer is most common in women who have been through the menopause (usually over the age of 50), although it can affect women of any age.

As the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be similar to those of other conditions, it can be difficult to recognize. However, there are early symptoms to look out for, such as persistent bloating, pain in the pelvis and lower stomach, and difficulty eating.

Overall, 72 out of every 100 women (72%) will live for at least one year after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Around 46 out of 100 (46%) women will live for at least five years.

And about 35 out of 100 (35%) will live for at least 10 years.

However, women with advanced ovarian cancer have a poorer survival rate.

More information go to NHS Web page


a colourful ovarian cancer awareness ribbon shape

Join Ovarian Cancer Action on Friday 8 May 2015 wearing teal and together we can create a future where no woman dies of ovarian cancer.

What is Teal Takeover?

Host a Teal Takeover this Friday 8 May 2015 for World Ovarian Cancer Day and wear teal for a donation either at home or at work!

How do I get involved?

Register today to take part in our Teal Takeover and receive our FREE Teal Takeover fundraising pack with lots of information and tips on how to host your Teal Takeover.

What do I do?

There are plenty of ways to join our Teal Takeover:

  • Text to donate. Text ‘TEAL15 £5’ to 70070 to donate to our life-saving research and awareness work and make a difference today
  • Dress up in teal for the day for a donation – you could get your office, school or community involved too!
  • Spread the teal love and order symptoms materials to give out on your Teal Takeover day
  • Decorate your venue with our teal our bunting and balloons
  • Take on our Teal Takeover Quiz – you can find it in our FREE fundraising pack – register today!
  • Don’t let your Teal Take Over stop at 5pm. Host an event for colleagues, family or friends to help raise more funds and awareness.

Or visit for more information.

Some charities that support ovarian cancer are below, check out what they will be doing to support this.


  • Macmillan cancer
  • Cancer research
  • Eve appeal
  • Angels of hope


There are many other ways you can support and get involved, either in your community or worldwide. So get involved and show your support!



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