Frequently asked questions

What’s the catch?

There really is no catch. We have built amazing relationships with some of the UK’s largest property owners and as a result, they realise that what we offer them, in exchange for an empty, unsecure building, is the opportunity to not only have lower security costs having tenants (paying or not) in the buildings, but also lower insurance premiums, less risk of dilapidation or vandalism of the buildings and also a much greater reward of returning something to the local community, so it works all round.

What is included in “free”?

The offer of “free” space, incorporates not only the normal rent and rates payable, but in most cases, all utilities as well. With very rare exclusions, the landlords are happy to incorporate those bills, provided the usage is not excessive.

On occasions after a prolonged period of time some of the landlords are requesting a contribution towards the utility bills. This is a charge that is levied on each organisation regardless of the size of the space or the frequency of use.

How do you judge utilities as fair usage?

It is deemed that there should be “no material gain” in the usage costs to the landlord. Considering that many of our organisations also utilise the premises for storage and are therefore rarely even in the buildings, it is an extremely rare occurrence that any additional charges would be levied.

Can we decorate or make alterations?

This is as a rule a “no”, though there are circumstances where the landlords may allow some necessary work to be completed. We suggest that this is always done by asking us and we, in turn, can gain their express written consent.

What if I require more space?

Space within our buildings is usually monitored by the individual Charity Co-ordinator. Please contact them with your requests.

I have open space but wanted a lockable office?

Being within the building, you are in the best place to be the first offered anything else that becomes available. We try to treat all organisations fairly, but should you come to realise of a suitable space that is not being utilised effectively, then please contact your co-ordinator.

Who else is in the building?

We are unfortunately not able to give out specific details such as this, but feel sure that once you are in, you will find many charitable/community organisations that all work to the same aim of helping and bettering others.

How do we attach to your Wi-Fi?

There is no Wi-Fi nor telephone lines. We do however  promote for the organisations to collaborate within all of our buildings. Sharing resources is a great way to keep costs to a minimum.

What about the use of the car park?

Each of our buildings differ in the services that they are able to offer. Some have parking, some, it can be arranged for at a cost, some, there is no parking available. You are best advised to ask the co-ordinator.

What hours can we be there?

This differs between each building. This information should be supplied to you early on in the process of your viewing. As much as we try to always ensure that you can have access, as required, differing landlords may limit due to location allowances.



Thank you Centric, landlords, and everyone who’s played a part in establishing this fantastic community resource in Brighton. You’ve made a crucial difference to the development of our charity and the health and well-being of a large number of people in need

Gary Pargeter
Project Manager Lunch Positive