WBD 30th March 2019 (World Bipolar Day 2019)

Posted: 26th Mar 2019

Strength for today, Hope for tomorrow  

World Bipolar Day an initiative from the Asian Network of Bipolar disorder, The International Bipolar Foundation and The International Society for Bipolar Disorders, is celebrated on 30th March every year.

Interesting Fact: Vincent Van Gough who was born on this day was posthumously diagnosed with possibly having Bipolar Disorder! 

So you may ask what is the aim and vision for this celebrated day…. 

The aim for World Bipolar Day is to bring awareness of Bipolar Disorder and eliminate social stigma. International collaboration can achieve the goal of bringing information to the world about Bipolar disorder, educate the world and bring sensitivity to the illness.

What is Bipolar Disorder? 

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels and the ability to carry out day to day tasks. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe and different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time.  It is estimated that the global prevalence of bipolar disorder is between 1 and 2% and has been said to be as high as 5% and, according to the World Health Organization, is the 6th leading case of disability in the world.  In order to address this global problem, we need a global solution.  With support from leading experts from around the world, groups like ANBD, IBPF, and ISBD are supporting efforts to investigate biological causes, targets for drug treatment, better treatments, better methods of diagnosis, the genetic components of the illness, and the strategies for living well with bipolar disorder and this is just the beginning.  Collaborations between research and advocacy groups are continuing to grow, and WBD is a tribute to the success of this strategy

For those using social media to post videos and photographs to help raise awareness of bipolar disorder, you are encouraged to use the hashtags #WorldBipolarDay and #BipolarStrong whilst tagging @intlbipolar on Twitter and Instagram and @InternationalBipolarFoundation on Facebook.



Get involved!

Official world bipolar day profile picture overlay for social media

For Organizations:

  • Social media channels: engage with your network via Twitter and Facebook
  • Website: ensure that the WBD logo is present on your website and upload a small article to your site about WBD.
  • Produce a video about the burden of bipolar disorder in your country and call for action
  • Host a live webinar in honour of WBD with experts providing updates and information on bipolar disorder
  • Organize an event with local advocacy groups to communicate WBD
  • Feature an article in your local/national newspaper
  • Distribute WBD flyers in your community, especially in hospitals and clinical facilities
  • Host an educational event for patients, family members, and the general public
  • Collect personalized messages honouring WBD and feature them on your organization’s website.

For Individuals:

  • Host a lunch and learn event within your workplace and present about bipolar disorder
  • Participate in local radio programs to provide bipolar disorder education
  • Arrange for a speaker to come to your child’s classroom or school
  • Like and follow WBD on Facebook
  • Add the WBD email signature to your account
  • Share your message of hope on the WBD Facebook page
  • Tweet about WBD using the Twitter handle @WorldBipolarDay


Contributing organisations: 

International society for bipolar disorders

International bipolar foundation

Asian network of bipolar disorder

Depression and bipolar support alliance

World psychiatric association

International society for affective disorders


Thank you Centric, landlords, and everyone who’s played a part in establishing this fantastic community resource in Brighton. You’ve made a crucial difference to the development of our charity and the health and well-being of a large number of people in need

Gary Pargeter
Project Manager Lunch Positive