Centric Goes Westside

Posted: 10th Mar 2020

Centric Goes Westside

Birmingham has always been a hive of multicultural activity and over the last 6 years Centric Community Projects have been facilitating and working with a number of charities to help keep people off the street, feed the homeless, provide new mothers with necessities, and establishing networks for people of all ages in business.



The Centric Team met with Westside BIDs Elaine Weir after concerns that over 15 of our charities will lose their premise in The Square. The potential negative effect of this could unstitch a lot of the amazing work the Westside BID has achieved. With both Centric Community Projects and Westside BID on the same mission to create a safer, cleaner and brighter future, collaboration and alliance will be beneficial to cause as little disruption as possible.

We are excited at the prospects of growing our relationship with the BID team and providing more facilities to those in need whilst supporting them on their mission of creating a better Birmingham.

charity dancing

Elaine Weir, business liaison manager at Westside BID, said: “Westside BID is looking forward to helping Centric as they help small charities make temporary use of empty properties in Westside. This positive use of buildings while they are vacant is good for the area, for charities and for the wide range of people we serve.”

We would ask that any Landlords with vacant property in Westside or nearby areas should contact us immediately if they are able to offer space to our charities.


Thank you Centric, landlords, and everyone who’s played a part in establishing this fantastic community resource in Brighton. You’ve made a crucial difference to the development of our charity and the health and well-being of a large number of people in need

Gary Pargeter
Project Manager Lunch Positive