The FREE buffet lunch event with Global Peacemakers

Posted: 18th Apr 2019

The aim for Global Peacemakers is to establish the peace in the life of the people in the global aspect.  

Global peacemakers are a charitable organisation that are focused on the community. They have been supporting community in Birmingham since 2010, but actively since 2016. They help the homeless and the needy. They provide so much community support such as counselling, language learning, and direction to local legal advice, employment advice and local children activities. They organise events and open buffets for the homeless to make them feel at home and refresh their skills and talents to empower them to get back to normal well- being. They organise clothing, footwear, blankets and sleeping bags on a regular basis to the homeless until they find shelter. They provide a barbering service to the homeless, where they are able to go in and have a cut and a shave and basically groom themselves. They have the help of local saloons and barber shops with this. They help the children in the local community by providing activities to improve their skills in writing, drawing, dancing and singing. These are weekly sessions available to the children. They arrange carnivals or food parties to help build a bridge between the community and themselves. They also support widowed and single parents to engage themselves with activities such as handicraft making, tailoring, knitting and coming together to share thoughts and ideas to improve their lifestyles. They also support other countries such as Uganda, India, Nigeria and Kenya.



Overall the Global Peacemakers are an outstanding charitable organisation that helps with a broad range of charitable support and we are very pleased that we are able to support them even more along the way.

Global Peacemakers who occupy space with us in Birmingham held an event on the 13th April. This was a FREE buffet lunch! Everybody was welcome.

Our C.E.O attended the event and took part, whilst taking some lovely pictures for you to see what wonderful work is happening and how engaging, helpful and meaningful these events are.





Due to loss of some of our funding we were no longer able to afford to remain in our current office space. This meant staff were losing their office and meeting space, with no alternative place to work.

Shelley Black
CEO Fairweather