Julie Ion

Chief Executive


Julie heads up our charity team. On joining the charity she quickly started changing the way that we went about our daily tasks by providing smarter solutions to existing working practices. Whilst undergoing the changes it has created opportunities to develop her team members. Something which Julie is very proud of.

Julie has spent almost 12 years working for and alongside charities. She is a keen walker and of a weekend can be found roaming the countryside with her dog.

One of Julie’s favourite jobs was working alongside various charities to protect and rehabilitate orangutans in Borneo and Indonesia. Preparing volunteers for extraordinary adventures in the south east of Asia.

More recently Julie has volunteered with the SOS bus in Luton which acts as a first port of call for injured people in Luton town centre during the weekend nights.

Julie’s favourite quote is by Richard Branson “The best advice I can give anyone is to spend your time working on what you are passionate about in life”

We are saving about £30,000 a year on storage space for all of our donated items.

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