Geoff Wade

Trustee, Shadow Chair

Shadow Chair

Geoff  is a Social Scientist with an M.Phil in Conflict Regulation.

He had over 25 years experience in senior management within the Co-operative Movement, as Corporate Relations Manager, with responsibility for membership involvement and public and government relations as well as advising other senior managers.

Since taking early retirement from that position, he has held the position of CEO of Community Empowerment Ltd which is a charitable society for the benefit of the community.

Community Empowerment Ltd specialises in community economic development through people using mutual-self-help to meet shared needs. He has assisted in the development and sustainability of over 100 Co-operatives and social enterprises. He acts as a consultant in matters of Governance.

Geoff is also a Director of Social Enterprise Link (Wessex) CIC which is a infrastructure organisation for social enterprises and lead organisation for the Solent Social Enterprise Zone.

He was a Research Officer for a Government Minister and has served on the Humanities & Social Science ethics committee at the University of Portsmouth for the past ten years, reviewing Ph.D and professional research projects.

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