Posted: 23rd Jun 2019

Small charities week – 17th -22nd June 2019

Small Charity Week is a campaign which was first established by the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) in 2010 to celebrate and raise the profile of the small charity sector.

The week is organised as a series of activities and initiatives to support and raise awareness of the hundreds and thousands of small charities that, every day, make a huge difference to vulnerable community’s right across the UK and the rest of the world.

The objectives of Small Charity Week are to:

  • Celebrate the contribution that small charities make to communities throughout the UK and across the world
  • Improve the knowledge, representation and sustainability of small charities
  • Highlight the work of the small charity sector to the broadest possible audience
  • Encourage public giving
  • Work with the small charity sector to develop political engagement at a national and local level

For more information head to the small charity week website. 

This is something close to our hearts as we are a small charity that provides free work space to other third sector organisations. Watching small charities grow whilst under our roof gives us a real sense of pride in our work.

Below are a few comments from some of our new charities in our Aberdeen hub.

Many thanks again for offering up the space in your building. Our previous let was impossible financially to sustain. By offering us this space it means that precious funds are directed towards making it more affordable for our band to subsidise our members’ piping and drumming.

To enable them to maintain their instruments, travel to competitions and compete at a high level and to ensure we have a smart uniform to compete in.

The cost of renting space meant that some projects have been left on the back burner but hopefully going forward we can more easily realise our ambitions.

Kim Milne, Bucksburn and District Pipe Band

Just a wee note on how the centric team have helped us as a charity to expend our role within Aberdeen. Although we have yet to hold a course at our new premises at Aberdeen, we are very much looking forward to being able to offer the chance for members of the public to learn the simple, but lifesaving skills taught on the Heartstart course. The space given to us by centric will allow us to schedule training courses around the needs of individuals, and also to open up the training to other charities using the Centric building in Aberdeen. We are, as a charity, extremely grateful to have this opportunity to have a ‘place of our own’ and we are sure that in the long term, it will lead to many more individuals undertaking this vital training.

Jim Aitken, Heartstart Grampian

A few of the charities that we have helped can be found on our web page here. 


We are saving about £30,000 a year on storage space for all of our donated items.

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