Sexual Health Week: 24th-30th September 2018

Posted: 24th Sep 2018

The topic for this year’s sexual health week is Consent: Yes, yes, yes! 

Consent is far more than saying no – it is about listening, negotiating and enthusiastically agreeing every time.  

From a young age, we are all influenced by what we see in films. From Beauty and the Beast, to Frozen, they all have a love story, but do all our favourite characters pass the consent test?

Well Kristoff sure does! Head over to FPA’s website to find out who passed and who failed the consent test!

Advice & Support 


In 1964, Helen Brook founded a health service for women who needed support as they were unable to access contraception.

Since then, Brook has been providing wellbeing & sexual health support to young people for over 50 years. They offer a range of free services across the UK, including counselling, contraception & HIV support. Find your local Brook team here.

Advice on a wide variety of subjects can also be found on their website.

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