Second Charity Shop

Posted: 28th Jan 2015

New charity shop set to open in Hinkley

A new charity shop is set to open in Hinkley on January 31st 2015.

Faith in People were fortunate enough to be provided with a free retail outlet in Hinkley in May 2014. They opened a shop which they called ‘Our Shop’ which specialises in vintage and retro items at charity shop prices.

The retail manager for the charity, Kerry Williams, expressed an interest in a disused shop a couple of doors away and mentioned this to her charity co-ordinator.

Much to Kerry’s surprise, she received a phone call in early December offering them the other property, completely free of all charges too.

Kerry Williams said: “This is like a dream come true. We really wanted to open a new store because there’s a need for second hand furniture in Hinkley but also to provide our services to people with HIV. Since we opened it’s been so fantastic. Everyone has been really supportive. We will accept a lot more things than other charity shops and we really believe in recycling.

We provide personal support to adults and children and offer a range of opportunities such as free health and nutrition training”

The money generated from the stores go towards the charity Faith In People With  HIV, which supports people affected by the HIV virus.



Due to loss of some of our funding we were no longer able to afford to remain in our current office space. This meant staff were losing their office and meeting space, with no alternative place to work.

Shelley Black
CEO Fairweather