Over 172,000 Empty Commercial Buildings in the UK…

Posted: 12th Mar 2020

A freedom of information (FOI) request, made to UK local councils, has found the UK has 617,527 empty buildings, 445,310 residential dwellings and 172,217 commercial buildings, according to the data released by Glide. You only need to stroll down the high streets to realise that commercial properties are not being utilised to their full potential and problems within society are worsening, it makes sense there is a correlation between these two factors.

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These figures found by the broadband provider horrified us here in the Centric office, so we thought we would explain a few of the benefits of working with us. If you are a landlord or commercial property owner with an empty building, Centric Community Projects have been providing ethical solutions for empty buildings since 2013. Meeting the needs of both the property owners and local communities, Centric provides temporary work space for charities, social enterprises and small businesses. 

As well as helping a local organisation and improving the area around your property, having tenants will keep your building in visible use, deterring those who may try to damage an empty building. Having a tenant who regularly accesses your property will also ensure that problems which may arise (such as leaks) are seen and can be reported much earlier than if the property were empty, preventing potential substantial losses. Lower security costs, a lower risk of dilapidation, fly tipping, squatters, vandalism, and often lower insurance premiums are also beneficial.

Many property owners do not reach out because they believe there can be nothing done with their space if it is in a bad state, but one person’s trash, is another’s gold. We are partnered with charities who are able to utilise most spaces be it for retail, offices or even storage for food and clothe banks! We manage multiple properties which don’t have any water, gas, heating or electricity connections. We are still able to find occupants for these buildings, but the usage is mainly restricted to storage in the case that there are no utilities at all.

Charities are aware that their space is temporary and are told at the beginning of their tenancy that there will be viewings conducted on the property they are occupying, so obliging to your social responsibility does not have to interfere with your corporate responsibility. If the charity has put together a very attractive and successful use of the property, this will have a positive impact on viewings.

If you are a commercial property owner and your space is currently empty please give us a call on 01908 667750 to start utilising the space for the good of the community. 

We are saving about £30,000 a year on storage space for all of our donated items.

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