Dystonia Awareness Week

Posted: 7th May 2015

Dystonia Awareness week 3rd May to 11th May 2015

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Supported by the Dystonia Society http://www.dystonia.org.uk/

Dystonia is a condition in which incorrect signals from the brain causes muscles to pull. Once symptoms of dystonia begin, they can become progressively worse; symptoms on the body and spasm. Dystonia can be very painful to a person with this condition and can worsen from up to 5 years since diagnosis.

Unfortunately there is not yet a cure. However, in the vast majority of cases, dystonia does not shorten a person’s life span.



The Dystonia Society is an organization which supports Dystonia Awareness Week. The Dystonia Society was founded in 1983; their aim is to promote awareness of dystonia, undertake research and support welfare initiatives. The Dystonia Society organizes various activities throughout Dystonia Awareness Week.

Their most prominent awareness activity is ‘Tea Party for Dystonia’, in which people are encouraged to host a tea party to raise awareness and funds. The Dystonia Society provide a fundraising pack which people can use during this event, or during other times of the year.

The awareness pack includes a print off poster used for advertising the event, tea party ideas (e.g. fancy dress, run a raffle), some quiz questions to help make the party more fun and a selection of recipes for cakes which people can bake and bring along to the party.

Organizers of the tea parties are encouraged to take photographs of the event and send them to the Dystonia Society so they can use them in other promotional activities and material to raise funds and awareness about this condition.

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For more information visit the Dystonia Society website.

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