Deaf Awareness Week

Posted: 5th May 2015

Deaf Awareness Week 4-10th May 2015 - Listen up this May it's time to show people the life that is lived a different way!

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This Deaf Awareness Week you may be asking – what is deaf awareness?

It’s about ‘promoting the positive aspects of deafness’, to ‘promote social inclusion’ and raise awareness to all the organisations that support the week.

Most importantly it’s about helping people that are deaf

When asked what deaf awareness meant for them, one person said: ‘I want my family to include me in their conversations.’  This really got to me and emphasised how important this is to tackle.

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You know that 15% of the population are deaf to some extent?  

Out of every 10,000 people, ten will be extremely deaf and 100 will be partially deaf.

The theme for the awareness week in 2015 hasn’t been announced yet, but there will be lots of events taking place: information days, exhibitions, talks and captioned theatrical performances.

The week is supported by more than one hundred charities and organisations – and now all they need is your support!

To stay updated with everything that’s going on this year keep checking back on the Deaf Awareness Week website. And, if you’re thinking of planning your own event, you find lots of great ideas. 

By taking part you will be participating in all the small changes you need to make. At work, directly face the person you are talking to and send them email notes of meetings. 

These little things can make all the difference!

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Due to loss of some of our funding we were no longer able to afford to remain in our current office space. This meant staff were losing their office and meeting space, with no alternative place to work.

Shelley Black
CEO Fairweather