Acknowledgement to The Flying Seagull Project

Posted: 22nd Dec 2015

If it wasnt for the charity hub and networking, Centric may never have come across The Flying Seagull Project...

Throughout the year Centric Community Projects works with hundreds of small and non-profit organisations to help them develop and progress further as a charity.

One of the charities that we have had the pleasure of working with is The Flying Seagull Project who have occupied several of our premises.

The Flying Seagull Project are a registered charity who are serious about having fun. They are operated by a young group of circus clowns, artist and musicians that are enthusiastic and determined to make a difference.

“Spreading joy throughout the world, through music, art, circus, dance and theatre”

pic 1

Picture above: Games, laughter, play, mischief, music, more games, balloons, bubbles, magic, dancing. All essential for the well-being of children.

Delivered by Bash and Harry in Calais over the past two days.

The Jungle refugee camp in Calais is up there with the most difficult living situations we have ever seen worldwide and as always there are children caught up in this mess.

They run workshops, create music events, visit hospitals, orphanages, street centre, residential homes and centres for disability. As well as travelling just about anywhere and everywhere to visit disadvantaged children, the elderly, adults with learning difficulties and many more.

Using the skills and experience they have to organise workshops and events designed to help develop children and improve emotional wellbeing and give support through laughter.


“Children get a chance to be children. Those with disabilities can discover new ways to communicate and express themselves and MOST importantly everybody has a good time”


Their mission:

To spread laughter to every corner of the earth

To make the arts accessible to all

To enhance the lives of underprivileged children through creative activities

To challenge and improve the use of music and sensory activities for people with disabilities

To create opportunities for communities to celebrate

   To help create positive memories

pic 2

Picture above: Athens home of the gods and now the clowns!

As those not granted asylum are sent back to Athens the camps are once again filling up and as always kids are there too.

We joined up with local circus performers, musicians and clowns to lift the roof and widen the grins.

pic 5

The Flying Seagull Project have run a number of projects this year in the UK, Ghana, Albania, Cambodia and the most current project the refugee relief campaign in Calais.

The refugee relief campaign is so current to the world right now with a lot of news and events surrounding this crisis. The Flying Seagull Project explain it like this “for them it is the suffering of the children caught up in the mess that really hits home. Children are having to leave their homes and everything they have ever known all behind. Travelling through harsh and terrifying situations, heading to the unknown. Witnessing shocking sights and experiencing horrors that none of us can imagine. They are far away from home, they are sick, tired and scared”

This is where The Flying Seagull Project step in.

“Travelling at 100 smiles an hour they will find these kids and use every funny bone in their body to share warmth and laughter with them all. A chance to relax, a moment of peace, and an opportunity for the parents of these children to see them smile once more”

Donations can be made via their web page. You can also check them out via social media, where you will see more of the pictures and videos from their latest refugee relief campaign.



Centric Project Family would like to take this moment to recognise and thank The Flying Seagull Project for all the hard work and effort they put in everyday to see children smile, laugh and be happy again.

We really have enjoyed working with you and helping you develop further as a charity, as well as having the pleasure of knowing and seeing the good you do.

We hope you continue all your hard work and efforts to make children smile. And we will continue to support you and the projects you organise.

pic 4

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…

Here at Moria refugee camp we are definitely having some happy moments together.

pic 6














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