Exhibition Testimonials

April 2019

What was your favourite part of the exhibition?

  • “The interactive parts of the exhibition were great”
  • “I enjoyed the photographs looking at mental health and some of the idea which this part of the exhibition is bringing into the foreground”
  • The experience of using the wheel chair”

Did you learn something new?

  • “How dyslexia actually affects my students. A greater understanding of how disabilities affect people daily and how restrictive it can be both physically and emotionally”
  • “That contraception came after abortion. That women’s inheritance would go to their husband”
  • “The extreme lengths and sacrifices that women have made to achieve their goals”
  • I learnt that in the 1800’s – 1900’s lots of women were singled out of things”
  • Coping with being in a wheel chair and having no sight”

What did you find interesting?

  • “The progression made in women’s rights and how this has impacted the future for all”
  • “The women’s rights facts and learning a little about what it would feel like to be disabled”
  • “Seeing the history of women’s equality from 1860 onwards”
  • “I found the activity about being deaf interesting”
  • “The whole exhibition was very interesting”




Due to loss of some of our funding we were no longer able to afford to remain in our current office space. This meant staff were losing their office and meeting space, with no alternative place to work.

Shelley Black
CEO Fairweather