Art Education

Art Education

Arts Education

Here at Centric Community Projects we align our educational ambitions with those of the UK Arts Council:

‘The arts fuel children’s curiosity and critical capacity. They are every child’s birth right. It is vital that children engage with the arts early in their lives. The arts contribute to the development and wellbeing of children and young people. They inspire future audiences and the next generation of artists and arts leaders’ The Arts Council 2015

All of our exhibitions have bespoke educational packages for schools and community groups designed within the context of the department of Education and The Arts councils 7 principles:

Striving for excellence

Emphasising authenticity

Being inspiring and engaging

Ensuring a positive child-centred experience

Actively involving children and young people

Providing a sense of personal progression

Developing a sense of ownership and belonging

The schools programme at Centric Community Projects is free and open to primary and secondary schools. Classes can book visits to view exhibitions as part of their curriculum, with Centric staff available to assist, with the option to book artist-led workshops and collaborate on longer term projects, like school exhibitions in our spaces. A bespoke education space is part of every Centric space. If you are interested in making a visit with a class please contact our office to confirm availability on your selected dates.

Our educational projects are designed for:

Primary schools

Secondary schools and colleges

Young people

Adult education

Community groups

Thank you Centric, landlords, and everyone who’s played a part in establishing this fantastic community resource in Brighton. You’ve made a crucial difference to the development of our charity and the health and well-being of a large number of people in need

Gary Pargeter
Project Manager Lunch Positive